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OUR STORY: Lilly's Homestyle Bakery Shop

Delicious is our tradition.

From way back when, many eons and generations ago... Lilly's baked goodies were always in high demand.

At first it was just Lilly herself in her cozy little kitchen baking up a storm every day, never knowing how many grandchildren or neighborhood kids would come bouncing up the stairs in search of a treat. Soon the adults would follow. And she'd always have something sweet and irresistible ready to taste. Sometimes a rugelah, other times a cookie, a fresh slice of babka or honey cake... and of course another surprise something baking in the oven. She was always mixing a batter, kneading a fresh dough, and adding a dash of love to a new batch of soon-to-be freshly baked goodies.

The tantalizing aroma of chocolate, cinnammon and vanilla would all blend together, waft down the stairs into the open air, and beckon to all... almost as if echoing what Lilly herself would always say to her visitors, "come in and eat something".

Always something delicious. Guaranteed.

Over the years, the round-the-clock baking of Lilly's scrumptious homestyle treats evolved into a serious bakery enterprise; modernized to a state-of-the-art baking area of over 30,000 sq. ft, and upgraded with top-of-the-line specialty equipment and technology. As the baking staff grew, stringent quality control procedures were implemented, vigilantly ensuring the highest quality production and earning certification by the American Institute of Baking as well as other supervising agencies. There are some things though, that always stay the same: Lilly's time-honored recipes and baking methods, starting fresh from scratch, smaller batch-by-batch, and using only the finest ingredients.

Of course, it was only natural to name the company after its original inspiration, a woman of incredible baking talent: Lilly's.

Now, Lilly's has grown to be the favorite kosher bakery shop for not only New Yorkers, but also shipping its kosher baked goodies nationwide to avid fans from all over the country.

From black and white cookies, to chocolate babka, rugelach, cinnamon danishes and rainbow cookies, to traditional challah in all shapes, sizes and creative twists for special celebrations... and everything in between, all the while spreading the love of Lilly's cakes, cookies and breads - shipping them to anywhere in the world.

Click. Ship. Yum.

Try something yourself - start shopping for something delicious from Lilly's Homestyle Bakery Shop!  

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All Lilly's Products are OU Certified Kosher | Pareve | Pas Yisroel | Yoshon | Lactose-Free | Non-Dairy