All of us @ Lillys, are wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous Holiday. Happy Passover! We will reopen on Sunday May 8th.


Love Your Chocolate Babka
I love your chocolate babka. I get it at Whole Foods but they don't stock it nearly enough for me!
Jim D.

NY Chocolate Babka in California
... I also tried your chocolate babka which I purchased at Whole Foods in California. LOVE IT!! As a New York transplant it was a delightful surprise.
Alexandro P.

Wonderful Cinnamon Babka in Texas
I've had some of your wonderful Cinnamon Babka, I live in Round Rock, Texas and would like to purchase some. Can you tell me what stores have it in Austin, Texas and Round Rock, Texas? Thanks!
Josephine W.

Raspberry & Cinnamon Rugelach = Vegan Delicious
I purchased your Raspberry and Cinnamon Rugelach at Whole Foods because they indicated they were vegan. They were delicious!!! Please let me know if you have any other vegan products available.
David R.