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Taste the homestyle deliciousness in every bite of Lilly's freshly baked kosher goodies!
Every day, our bakers start from scratch on every recipe, creating scrumptious treats with only premium ingredients - and a dash of love. Shop online for your favorite kosher treats like rugelach, rainbow cookies, black and white cookies, cinammon and chocolate babkas, macaroons and so many more yummy baked cakes, cookies, desserts and breads.
We proudly bake certified kosher and pareve dairy-free, as well as different specialty lines of natural ingredients, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly sugar-free, and wheat-free, so that everyone can enjoy traditional NYC bakery treats shipped fresh daily from Lilly's Bakery Shop.


Best Hamantashen

I bought your product at my BJ's - it was awesome… the hamantashen was the best I ever ate… going back to get some more… so great to find your kosher products here!




NY Black & White Cookies in California

We live in California (grew up in Brooklyn) and haven't found baked goods we really enjoy.  Last week my husband bought a plastic container of  Mini Black & Whites which the family really enjoyed.  When he went back this week, there were no Black & White cookies, but there was a container of assorted Hamantashen.  Of course, there’s nothing like the texture of the cake and the frosting of freshly baked B&W cookies…  Obviously, we can't depend on the availability of specific items at the local store. Ordering directly from you is one solution, another would be if you supply another store in our area.... San Francisco Bay area. Looking forward...